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Custom Homes, New Construction

Lakeshore Signature Homes is a Custom Homes Builder in West Michigan.  We thrive on building new high quality, energy efficient custom homes.  We have built many new homes along the lakeshore that are built to last! Knowing the diverse effects of what Lake Michigan weather can do, we strive to stay on top, utilizing the latest in today’s products and technologies to counter these affects.  Everyone knows a solid foundation is key.  We take that rule of thumb and continue it right through the framing stage.  We believe that framing is a continuation of the foundation.  This step is very important and often a game of beat the clock for others.  We take great pride in this critical stage and build the structure SOLID!  This benefits the home in every way throughout the remainder of the project and for years to come.  We continue these methods bringing high quality finishes inside to produce a Lakeshore Signature Home.  Build it once, build it right!

Onsite management is another crucial key to producing these high caliber custom homes.  Making sure the project is flowing properly and keeping the level of quality firm.  With great mutual respect from our excellent team of sub-contractors, that know our high quality standards, we believe we have built an incredible team.  We walk the fine line of excellence every day, not to sacrifice quality for speed.  Mass production is not something you will see here.  Every home has its own personality and we have an eye for design to help achieve that concept.  Knowing your job well allows us to optimize and maximize project efficiency, continue a high quality standard, and develop a comfort level in the relationship you are building.  Getting to know our client by listening makes it that much easier to create desirable outcomes.  We take great pride in our work, and do it well!   Don’t take our word for it,  ask any of our previous clients.  We have built an excellent team and would love the opportunity to discuss your interest in becoming part of it.  Building a new home can be stressful, let us take the worry away and make it a truly fun and exciting experience.  That’s the way it should be.


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